3Dots Review: Like To Party, Acting Bad , Panda Covers & More

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3dots week 6:  “The king of RAP”


Panda Cover (Falz diss) by Vic-O

?: Vic-O was lit on this track mehn… A true “man of timber and caliber”, “the king of rap”!!!

?: A lot of creativity went into this piece… From the intro to the voice overs…  Dope!!! Listen to that sound track…

?: Piece of art! Check out his delivery on d jam… Nothing like it! This is the only cover I’ve been able to listen to over and over….

?:  Falz egbon! “You are a dead guy”! “Trust me”!

Panda! Panda! Panda! ?

Rating: 9.3/10





DOWNLOAD : Vic O – “Panda” (Falz Diss)


Acting bad by Burna Boy ft Saeon

This song sounds quite noisy to the ears & is not as exciting as one would expect… It doesn’t give a non-patois fan a reason to listen, cos this is a lame representation of what patois music should be… While Saeon’s performance one foot ahead of Burna boy’s, the song in general could be way better & way more captivating…

?: Unimpressive… Wouldn’t even rock a Jamaican club…?

Rating: 3.4/10


DOWNLOAD Burna Boy ft. Saeon – Acting Bad



Wetin dey Remix by Rayce feat Davido

?: Rayce is on point from start to finish… I’m instinctively shaking my body to this jam, cos it’s got such lovely instrumental…

?: Rayce enters the beat like he knows what he’s doing, such charisma… The switch he makes in between the verses is pure art, switch from the verse to the bridge is epic…

?: “yanga o yanga” ?? “original bad bae”…

Switch from bridge to chorus was just brilliant… Davido as usual gave 100 of this new sound of his… Dope feature, he was obviously inspired by Rayce. Truth be told, this track sounds dope even without Davido & In fact its jam worthy of more remixes… Rayce take a cue…

Rating: 6.9/10



DOWNLOAD: Rayce – Wetin Dey Remix ft, Davido



Like to party by Sean Tizzle

?: Sounds like something I’ve heard before… Sounds like azonto and jay martins had a love child with 1 bow leg and 1 k leg… Forgivable???

?: Its beginning to feel like “noisy” is d shi* nowadays…  Soundtrack is swallowing vocals….

?: Seems like he’s trying a new style with traces of junk lyrics (Jonkolo and jankala)….. Fail?… He even had to remind us it’s him by doing some normal tizzle stuff at the end on the track. I like this guy, and so as a fan I’d prescribe he stick to his day job…

Rating: 3.1/10



DOWNLOAD: Sean Tizzle – Like To Party




Bounce it by Mc Galaxy and Seyi shay

These two are very capable of making a hit, but this is just not it…?…

Nothing sticks in this song…

?: Feels like its 2008 and I’m listening to P-square on their first version of bizzy body, though not nearly as interesting ?, not even for that era of music…

Rating: 2.2/10



DOWNLOAD: MC Galaxy – “Bounce It” ft Seyi Shay

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  1. YeyeKing

    May 8, 2016 at 9:42 AM

    Vic-O diss. ???. Falz is dead, trust me

  2. Blingy

    May 9, 2016 at 6:54 AM

    Lol its still so amazing that someone like Falz could call himself a bad guy. for all the worse guys wey dey naija na butty dey call himself bad guy. Lol Falz should know say bad guy no be tittle na reputation U earn,and there’s nothing so bad about him cos he even sounds like a comedian. I think Falz would do better in the comedy line……..Falz should seriously stop calln himself a bad guy Cos he didn’t earn that on any street across the nation.

  3. Blingy

    May 9, 2016 at 7:24 AM

    Lol still amazing to me aje butter like Falz could be calling himself a bad guy of all the worse guys wey dey streets for Naija. Falz better know. Bad guy is not just some title or name it’s a reputation U can only earn on the streets and he didn’t earn that from any street across the nation so he shouldn’t flaunt what he’s not. N moreover he sounds lika comedian I think he’ll be better in that line.

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